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(Archived) File Evernote.sql could not be opened...



Howdy folks,

I was using Evernote on my Mac. I closed my laptop lid (sleep?), and packed it away. My battery came loose and came out (the fastener is broken). Upon rebooting the laptop and opening Evernote, I get this error:

The file "Evernote.sql" could not be opened because it is not in the right format.

The file might be corrupted, truncated, or in a different format than you expect.

I have already searched the forums, found two threads, but neither seemed to get far enough to offer a fix.



I also did a Google search, and found this site, which did not work for me:

http://johnkary.net/fixing-evernote-err ... be-opened/

My Mac OS is 10.5.4, and I am using Evernote 1.6.1 (70263)

In one of the threads I found on these forums, I found these directions from user engberg:

In the finder, open the "Library" folder in your home directory. (This is in the directory with your name, NOT at the top level of your hard drive.)

Navigate to "Application Support"

Do you see an "Evernote" folder there? If so, look in there for a "data" folder. Is that there?

I performed this search, and there is indeed a "data" folder there for me. Within this "data" folder are two folders.

Any help would be much-appreciated! Thanks very much.

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Okay, I was able to recover my documents that I lost. For future posterity users who run into this same problem, here is what I did.

First, I followed the directions in the comment section of this page:

http://johnkary.net/fixing-evernote-err ... be-opened/

You helped me push through this (like you, I had an unexpected OS X shutdown), but if I can make a small addition:

rm -rd is overkill. Simply rename the folder (to ~Evernote or whatever). Evernote still won’t find its files (and will go get your notes from the server), but you haven’t wiped out your local copy just in case that doesn’t happen.

Thanks for writing this up – you gave me the confidence to fix the problem.

Then, I connected to the 'net and redownloaded all my files.

HOWEVER, I still lost my most recent data. So, I did some digging.

Open your "Finder" app, and go to the "Home" folder. Then "Library," then "Application Support." Then, open your OLD "Evernote" folder that you have now renamed (according to the instructions in the quote above, from the comment section of that website). I named mine "~Evernote" according to the instructions above.

There, go to the folder "Data," then there's another folder within that with a bunch of numbers as the name -- open that too. Open the next folder called "content." You should see many folders, all numbered in order. The highest numbers appear to be your most recent notes. Open the folders to find the content you lost. Within each folder is a file called "content.html," which you can open with Firefox (Google Chrome wouldn't open it for me). Then you can copy and paste your content! I simply pasted it into my newly-resynced Evernote app.

Hope this helps everyone in the future!

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