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(Archived) Image alignment?

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I've checked the FAQs' and did a search, but I'm not able to find anything about this problem.

Once I insert an image, it would be nice to be able to align it to one side or the other inside of text. I don't see an "align right" or "align left" option anywhere. Can somebody help a brother out? I'm using Evernote Thanks in advance for your help.

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Ahhh, you're keeping your images inline with the text, and basically trying to "float" them. My suggestion was for when an image is a para unto itself.

What you're asking your is beyond the capabilities of the EN editor. You can align any paragraph (left, center, right), but you cannot do two things in one para.

If it's really important, you can make a two column table, and stick your image in one cell, and the text in the other cell. I've done this once and a while, but it's usually not worth the effort.

And before you ask - the best way to do a table is to format a table in an external HTML editor, like Blocknote, and then copy it over to EN. :)

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That answers my question, and thank you for addressing it. I can put together tables in html, but you're right; that does seem a little too much effort for what I'm trying to accomplish. I wonder if Evernote will include the option to float an image one way or the other in the future?

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Doubt it. They know how weak the editor is, and they've never bothered to address it. (It's a long-standing complaint that the editor is so limited). Plus, editing notes is not really the primary focus of the new EN3.

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