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(Archived) Room for Awesome Note and Evernote?

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I've been using Awesome Note for a while and just jumped on board Evernote. I thought Evernote would replace AN, but it seems by all accounts that people use both. This strikes me as odd. They essentially do the same thing. But they sync, so there must be room for both. I'm obviously overlooking something and just want to see how others are being productive with both. Which do you choose to write notes in and why? What's the point of having both and syncing them?

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Looks like the major problem with Awesome Note is the limitations and restrictions they impose on potential users.

I just searched their FAQ and they don't even mention Windows, Android, or Blackberry.

I'd say that is a big difference between Evernote and AN.

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Yah, each has its own perks and limitations. AN seems to offer more formatting/background options and offers To Do items with associated alarms. But it is pretty limited to the iOS. Evernote does several things nicely by its own merit. But apparently a lot of people use both. That's what I'm mainly curious about. Why sync one note taking app with another?

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I've used Awesome Notes as well as FastEver (similar type app only more of an appendage of EN rather than an app that integrates with EN - although it really is a third party app not affiliated with EN.) IMO, the reason for using these apps is speed. When I had an iPhone 3G, the EN app was very slow. It was much faster, when out & about to use AwesomeNotes or FastEver for text notes. For photos, I'd either use FastEverSnap or take a photo & email it to my EN account. I now have an iPhone 4G & the response time is MUCH better. Still, b/c of the way it syncs (and primarily, I think, b/c I add several notes on a daily basis), it can be slow to respond. (We're talking minutes here, not hours or days.) So if I'm out & about & just simply want to make a quick note or send a photo, I still tend to use FastEver/FastEversnap/camera roll with email to get the info INTO Evernote.

IMO, at least when you're talking iPhone, I really see AwesomeNotes, FastEver & FastEverSnap as complimentary to EN. They won't replace EN but they do expedite getting info into your EN account, using your iPhone. (Kind of like an Evernote ATM. B) )

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