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(Archived) Suggestion: Voice to Text transcription using Google


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I would like to suggest adding Voice to Text transcription to Evernote mobile using Google Api's with a date and time stamp for the created text file or optionally just keep one log file to record all transcriptions with date/time stamp option for each entry. Anyone doing research work or data collection could find such a capability immensely valuable.

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Google Voice Translation:

You girls voice 2 test sir this has a long weigh 2 go bee four it is you see a bull by mows pea pull.

Actual message:

Google's Voice to Text service has a long way to go before it is usable by most people.

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What I do is use the voice input without immediate worry about how it comes out (using the microphone button on the keyboard), then go back later on my desktop and clean it up. I get the benefit of getting my note done when and where I happen to be, but still get clean information later.

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