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(Archived) Text Encryption within note - changing password



I feel like I'm drawing a blank; I am convinced that this is not only possible, but that it's simple too.

How do I change the password used to encrypt various text within my notes? I understood that there's one main password (other than my account password) for encrypting.

Where do I go to change this??!! I'm going nuts here :?

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Each encrypted region may have a different passphrase, but we try to encourage you to use the same one so you don't accidentally make a typo and lose data.

If you restart the client, and then decrypt the region completely *without* remembering your passphrase, then you can select the text and re-encrypt it by typing in a different passphrase. If it doesn't match the phrase used in other notes, then it will give you an option to encrypt with that different phrase.

You'd need to do that to each encrypted region, however.

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Is there anyway to find all my emcrypted notes (so I can change the password)?

In the Windows client, under 'Attributes' in the leftmost panel, you can select 'Encrypted text'. Alternatively, include the text, "encryption:" in a search string and only notes with encrypted text will be displayed.

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