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REQUEST: Print to evernote

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Posting my own reply. I can set up a PDF printer via primoPDF (the other suggestions wanted other sw installed or google warned of malware or ***** ware).

However it would be nice to have the items not as a pdf file, but as a regular EN note, so you can update it and make post import changes.


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On Mac, you can print to a PDF directly into Evernote, but we don't have anything comparable on Windows.

Realistically, if we ever did figure out a good bundled "print to Evernote" virtual driver solution, it would probably be based on PDF anyway ... it'd be too hard to represent the printed output of every single Windows application without relying on PDF, I think. (E.g. if you printed from some sort of CAD/CAM software or something like that.)

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What i use to "Print to Evernote" is this (Windows 7)

1. Install PDFCreator (http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/)

2. Set up an "Import Folder" in Evernote (Tools, Import Folders)

3. Anything you want to print, choose PDFCreator as printer and save to the watched folder.

4. Also, a lifehacker explains here, you can also create a Sent To shortcut...that way you can put any file easily into evernote! (http://lifehacker.com/#!5331408/add-eve ... nd-to-menu)

You won't get those editable notes you're craving, but you'll keep formating every single time.

Hope this helps a little bit...

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Hey judas,

thanks for the tip, interesting stuff! ...unfortunately, I don't find this in the current PDFCreator v.1.2.1, can anyone go into detail (ideally some screenshots or a quick video or a link to such a tutorial) here?

Thanks for your help in advance, highly appreciated!

Kind regards

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I know this is an old thread but it is still indexed and syndicated so people (such as me!) will still end up here...

thanks for the tip, interesting stuff! ...unfortunately, I don't find this in the current PDFCreator v.1.2.1, can anyone go into detail (ideally some screenshots or a quick video or a link to such a tutorial) here?

So here goes...

First, make sure you have the latest version of PDFCreator (v1.2.1 as I write this).

In EverNote, set up an Import Folder as in the previous post ([Tools], [import Folder]) but make sure you set the 'Source' option to 'Delete'.

• When printing from any program via the PDFCreator virtual printer, Windows will spool the document in the normal way and then the PDFCreator window will appear asking for choices.

• Towards the bottom of that window, a tick box asking if you want to open the PDF after creation "After saving open the document with the default program" must be un-selected (trust me - you'll thank me later).

• Then, hit save and select the import folder that you have asked EN to monitor.

The purpose of un-selecting the 'open after' is that as we have set EN to delete files after importing from the linked folder, PDFCreator will hold the file open whilst it's displayed, preventing EN from deleting it once imported. The resultant problem is that the file will stay put and WILL BE reprocessed from time to time causing multiple entries.

The document will now be placed into EN.



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Can I just add one more, PLEASE add this feature vote. I would love to be able to print to Evernote so I can edit files later.

+1 for this suggested enhancement. Having to go through several extra steps works but it doesn't feel Evernote like! Other companies have done the equivalent for years (example: fax software, SnagIt, etc.) -- Here's hoping Evernote will make this a priority. Today when I don't do the manual save then copy PDF process noted above, I often use SnagIt to capture screen shots or the Scrolling Vertical area and then paste them into Evernote. All of these workarounds waste my time.

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+1 Add me to the list.

BTW: As wonderful as Evernote is there is much to be learned from SnagIt especially in terms of annotating notes and controlling final print output. SnagIt is probably my most used application after Evernote in terms of how many discrete uses per day.

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Hi Everyone,

A print to Evernote function for Windows would be convenient. But if you want to create an editable version of a PDF document in Evernote, simply select all in the PDF and copy-paste to a note in Evernote. It is that simple. If the PDF is password-protected, you can remove the password first using one of these solutions: http://www.simpopdf....f-to-word.html. I don't have a Mac but I assume that the print to Evernote function there does not allow you to save an editable version of a password-protected document either...

Is this solution too obvious or have I missed something?

Personally, what I need most is an Evernote clipper that will allow me to clip stuff from a PDF in Windows. Right now I have to do copy-paste which is terribly inconvenient when you are clipping multiple items from the same PDF.

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Does anyone know if you can send up a 'virtual' printer so that items that you print can be sent to Evernote? Microsoft has this for OneNote and I have seen print to PDF files printers.



If you are using a Mac, I recommend Printopia. It sets up your Mac as an Airprint destination which lets you send stuff to your Evernote account by printing to this application. Another great thing is that even if you don't have an Airprint enabled printer, you can print from your iPad or iPhone to Printopia and it will send it to your printer. You can also configure it to allow you to print web pages from Safari or any other document from your iphone/ipad to Printopia and it will send them to the to your Evernote account on your Mac. It's a great feature to have but it only works on the local wifi network that your Mac is on.

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If you are using a Mac, I recommend Printopia. It sets up your Mac as an Airprint destination which lets you send stuff to your Evernote account by printing to this application.

If you're using a Mac, you don't need any additional software, though Printopia is very useful for printing from an iPad.

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The PDFCreator with Document Import option is very nice. It works with the latest version (1.6.1). You have to be careful installing PDFCreator though. Even though it comes from a supposedly trusted source, like Sourceforge, by default it comes with some malware disguised as shopping software. At least now you do get an option to decline. On version 1.2.0 they didn't provide such an escape. It took a bit of cleaning up after that install. Complaining to the good folks at Sourceforge yielded no direct response but it appears the questionable folks at PDFCreator did have to modify their installer. Its still a shame you have to be careful to opt out rather than the comfort in knowing you need to opt in, the correct way.

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Big -1


Why one more printer if you - most likely - already have a pdf-printer (Adobe distiller, pdf-creator, bullzip, younameit) on board?


If you really need a dedicated pdf printer for EN, choose one, rename it "send to evernote" and provide the import directory as the target directory for saving.


I prefer to choose and customize my pdf-printer over YAPP (yet another pdf printer) provided by Evernote.

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Sorry, but whinging about Mac getting all of the "good stuff" doesn't fly. The different clients tend to leapfrog each other -- the Windows client has had plenty of features that Mac users can only dream about. Android got reminders first, I think. Etc., etc. In the case of PDF, Mac clients get that because it's supported natively by the OS...

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In All Notes view, sort by date created so newest are on the top, if the PDFs are successfully being created (not clear ANYTHING is ending up in Evernote) they should be at the top of this list. Selecting the note will allow you to see what notebook it is in.

If the PDF you just tried to make doesn't appear at the top of this list, something else is wrong and it isn't making it to Evernote.

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Ok, so I'm not sure what the issue is, but after some playing around here's something you might want to try.

1) Close Evernote completely (cmd-q)

2) Open a Finder window

select "Go" in the menu bar,

and while holding the option key, select "Library" (which only appears while holding the option key).


3) In the Library folder, locate the PDF Services folder. 

In this folder you should something called "Save PDF to Evernote". Drag that item to your trash.


4) Open a web browser to any page and select Print. In the PDF menu of the print dialogue, confirm that Evernote is no longer listed. 


5) Relaunch Evernote. 


6) Looking back at the PDF Services folder, you should see "Save PDF to Evernote" has been recreated. 


7) Open a web browser to any page and select Print. In the PDF menu of the print dialogue, you should see Evernote listed again.


Try printing something to Evernote now, to see if this has resolved your issue. 


This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but it is worth a try. Let me know how this goes!

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Odd. I can delete items from that list such as Evernote or Skitch, and as soon as I re-open the application they are recreated. Not sure why this isn't happening for you.


One thing to try:

Open the print dialogue on a webpage or anything else. In the PDF dropdown select "Edit Menu"

Use the "—" button to remove Evernote if it is there. 

Select the "+" button and select Evernote.app in your applications folder. 

Once that has been added to the list, select "OK"

You should now see "Evernote" in the PDF dropdown. Try printing to the newly created "Evernote" option. 


If that doesn't work, I'd recommend uninstalling the Evernote application and reinstalling it. I recommend using the version available at http://www.evernote.com rather than the Mac App Store. For details on how to make the switch from the App Store to the direct version see this guide created by fellow forum user GrumpyMonkey:


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I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by "pulled it in sideways". Do you mean it was rotated 90 degrees when it arrived in Evernote?


I haven't got a clue why that might be the case. Double-check the settings you used in the print dialogue for whichever application you printed from. If you used duplex printing and selected short-edge binding, it might have rotated one or more pages. There may be other settings specific to the application you printed from you will want to double check.


Happy to help!

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If you were wanting to change the wording on the text in the print menu you could try:

In your applications folder, locate Evernote.app

Right click on it and create an alias.

Rename that alias "Save PDF to Evernote" (removing the .app component too)

Move the newly created alias to your PDF services folder.

You may need to edit your PDF print menu to remove the "Evernote" one and leave only the newly created " Save PDF to Evernote" option.

As far as I am aware the difference between what you currently have, and what you'd have after following my directions here, is just a matter of wording and not of function. But, perhaps you are like me and would find the inconsistent wording objectionable. My directions here SHOULD fix this wording issue.

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