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(Archived) Printing is Useless from Webpages Saved as PDF



Any time I try to print part of a web page that I have saved into evernote, it's impossible to get any kind of normal layout. Instead, it prints as if it's been enlarged or zoomed on the screen. I've noticed this many times in the past, but this morning I tried to print a SIMPLE RECIPE that I had stored in Evernote. It was originally clipped from allrecipes.com, and I saved that web page (as I always do) as a PDF (using the SHIFT+ELEPHANT on the toolbar command.) All I want now is a simple printout -- and Evernote won't do it. Instead, it's printing out a zoomed up portion of the page and I have no control over what part of the page it prints, what size paper I am printing to, or even the ability to just print a selection of text from the page. My only workaround is to go back to the original recipe page on allrecipes.com and print it out from there. I mean, come on. Really????

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I am having the same problem! It is so confusing! I am new to evernote and have saved some "notes" that are just scanned, regular letter size jpg notes in evernote - when I go to print it is enlarged & spreads out over 2-3 pages. Can anybody PLEASE help? Is there a solution right in front of me & I am just not seeing it?

Thanks a million!

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I actually have tried a scanned note from my hp printer and many apps from my iphone (including the camera in the phone, turboscan, scanner pro, genius scan, & jotnot pro). No matter how I upload to evernote, it prints extremely large. Do I adjust settings in evernote somewhere? Like I said, I am a beginner...and not computer savy. Thanks so much in advance for your help! :D

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I have exactly the same problem. I can't get any images from evernote to print at a usable size, only spread out over about four pages. I can shrink in the print properties, but it only gives my four pages with four TINY pieces of my image and a lot of white space. I tried merging several files to one document, printing 2-up or 4-up, larger paper, creating a PDF first, and NOTHING will put the whole image onto just one page.

The images are shot with my Android camera at 5mp and captured (beautifully) right into evernote notes.

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I too am furious about this. I thought I'd found the perfect solution to all of my receipt needs. I scan the receipt using Jot Not Pro on my iPhone 4, add in the info and upload to Evernote. The only problem is the people at our office can't get the blasted things to print correctly when I send them the links or email them the note. Either the image is enormous, or if they shrink the image down to fit on a single sheet of paper it shrinks all of my accompanying text explaining what the expense was for, making the system useless. FIX THIS EVERNOTE!!!! I'm a paying customer.

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Okay I found a solution. You'll need to download the Evernote client for either Mac or PC. I'm using a Mac, so all you PC people will have to figure this out, but it should work the same. Once all my notes synced, I went to each note and control-clicked on the PDF file and opened it in Preview. Once there I could print it normally. This works for images as well that are too large to print from Evernote.

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Okay I found a solution. You'll need to download the Evernote client for either Mac or PC.

Ummm...this thread is in the Mac section. So it's assumed, unless otherwise mentioned, the poster is using the client for the section they are posting in. :D Apparently, you were using the web client.

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I second this, but for images clipped.

i ve a host of images I have collected during research for a project which i now want to print to paste up on a board.

I figured selecting the notes and cmd+P would have me sorted, but it doesn’t work. the print dialog settings has no effect on the scale of images, they appear hanging off the paper, and can only use the page setup to scale, which obviously will make all the different images print at inapropriate sizes.

Nor is it easy to extract these images into preview/similar without doing each one manually.

I tried emailing as a work around but I end up with a similar problem where images get clipped across multiple pages.

I love evernote, it’s the future, but there are a few howlers in the software for such an advanced version: Please focus on sorting all the enabling features such as this before adding on new 'feature' features. That would be really handy if we can have a release that makes it more bullet proof.

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