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(Archived) Auto syncing when not set


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I just upgraded to version 2.6 from the Android Market. I have the "Sync automatically" setting set to "Manual Only". However, if I exit the app and go back into it, it starts to sync. It didn't do that before the update. This seems to happen if I exit the app and don't got back in for a while (maybe 30 minutes or so). If I exit then go right back, it does not sync.

When I say exit, I mean just hitting the back arrow to get back to my home screen.

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Dear User,

Auto sync settings from Settings screen & auto sync when you enter the app are two different & independent features.

Sync Automatically in settings screen allows users to keep notes up-to-date specially when user is not in the Evernote app.

The idea behind this feature is to present the latest data as soon as you enter in the Evernote app.

This process is not fail safe. I mean, if a background sync fails for any reason (mostly n/w unavailable) then we do not retry because user doesnt want the data right away.

Auto sync when you enter the app -

The idea behind this sync is that user would want to see the latest data when he enters the app.

So we start a sync when you start the app and no other successful sync was made in last 5 mins.

Our sync process is very light weight and quickly checks if it needs sync before fetching any expensive data.

We continuously optimise our sync logic to reduce the network usage.



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Thank you for the explanation. I didn't realize these were two different settings (sync in the background & sync when entering the app). So, "Auto sync when you enter the app" is not a setting that can be changed, correct? I do not have a problem with it doing so, I just didn't understand why it was doing that when I had the Sync set to manual. Now I understand the difference.

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