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(Archived) Several problems with tags

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I've looked at this 10 different ways and can't figure out. I am using the Web-based version, and I have a Mac.

If I tag a note with three tags, and then call up the note, there is no place on the screen where I can see how I tagged the note.

If I try to use the notes function, it will let me delete a tag (but I have to know which tag I want to delete, as every tag I ever used will appear in relation to every note.)

In other words, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to edit tags associated with a particular note.

Is there something I'm missing?


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I thought I edited the post above, but I guess not. Any way, I think part of the problem is that often when I clip a page from the web, the tags don't show up. Sometimes they do; sometimes they don't.

I do see now how one can edit tags, but it's a problem that they're not always showing up. A dealbreaker.

I'm using the Web version.

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