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Macs don't right click

Sure they do.

To perform a right-click on a Mac:

For External USB Mice: If you are using a desktop Mac (iMac, Power Mac G3/G4/G5, eMac, Mac mini, etc.) or a laptop (iBook, PowerBook, etc.), and use an external mouse besides the Apple Pro Mouse (such as a Microsoft Optical mouse), you can right click by simply pressing the right mouse button! Mac OSX (and OS9, for that matter) supports almost all USB-enabled mice - the right click button, the scroll wheel, etc.

For One-Button Mice: Even if you don't have a third party mouse, you can simply hold down the 'control' key while clicking your mouse button; this performs the exact same task.

For Laptops with a Trackpad: For Mac laptops (i.e. the PowerBook and iBooks), you have a variety of ways to enable right-clicking. As mentioned above, you may simply hold down the 'control' key and click. Or you might use an external 2-button USB mouse.

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