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Can't set 'open maximized' when tray icon loaded at startup


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Same as title. I'd like Evernote windows to open maximized, and I would like the tray icon to load at windows startup. However, whenever EN tray loads at startup, the first time I open EN is always in smaller window mode. This is irrespective to my EN shortcut setting. Is there any command line switch I can add to the EN tray icon shortcut to make sure EN opens maximized? Strangely, this problem only happens to me in the most current release - it was saving the window state when I last closed EN before.

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I'm having the same issue. That is, I have Evernote set to run at Windows startup, but when I click on the tray icon to open the Evernote window for the first time after startup, Evernote comes up as a non-maximized window instead of starting off maximized. Once I maximize it (manually) the first time for a Windows session, it will open up maximized from there on out for the current session. However, the original non-maximized behavior returns the next time I boot Windows.

This started up sometime in the post-3.0 versions (3.1? 3.5? I forget...) and is still present in the latest 4.4 beta.

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Sorry for pushing this old thread up again, but I've the same issue. Every time, I reboot my computer and open Evernote for the first time (from the tray), it starts up in a small windows and has to be maximed. It's really annoying to do that every time. Any solutions?

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