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(Archived) Problems with Evernote Forum

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Please forgive me for posting something that is tangentially related to Evernote, but I do need help. I cannot log into my normal account for this forum. I would prefer to use it.

I know my ID (I have verified it with a Google search), I know my email address, but the send password and resend activation links do not work. They always say, "The e-mail/username information submitted could not be found.".

Furthermore, there is a hyperlink on that page to mail the "Board Administrator" with problems but the hyperlink points to "mailto:no-reply@evernote.com". Not terribly helpful.

Who can I turn to to unlock the account I want to use?


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I just tested this & it worked fine for me. Keep in mind your login name/password for the forum are not necessarily the same as the login/password to get to your Evernote account. Since they are two entirely different logins, the only way they are the same is if you set them both up as the same.

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Additionally, I don't see the board administrator link you're referring to...

Furthermore, there is a hyperlink on that page to mail the "Board Administrator" with problems but the hyperlink points to "mailto:no-reply@evernote.com". Not terribly helpful.


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Thanks for the reply.

I am aware that the Evernote forum user ID may be different from my Evernote ID. I verified that I have the correct Evernote forum ID. I Googled "site:evernote.com " and saw previous posts. I opened the posts, checked the spelling of my ID, and verified that the ID I use commonly is the same on the Evernote forum. Here is a thread I posted previously:


Just to be extra careful, I copy-and-pasted the ID in the above thread to the "Send password" page just to verify that I was typing in the right sequence. I did not want to miss a small typo I may have included in the original ID.

Second, I am pretty confident that I know my email. Although I use one email address for 99% of all communication, I have had two personal and two professional addresses in the past four years. I tried all of them for the user ID above. For all four combinations of userID/email the "Send password" page responds with "The e-mail/username information submitted could not be found".

Third, if you type in an incorrect userID/password combo on the login screen, the login screen is updated to include the following text: "It was not possible to convert your password when updating this bulletin board’s software. Please request a new password. If you continue to have problems please contact the Board Administrator." The text "Board Administrator" is a hyperlink to "mailto:no-reply@evernote.com".

Thank you for your help!

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The only thing I can suggest then is to open a support ticket (toward the bottom of the help/support page.) I know that's more for the product/service EN rather than the message board. But if something goofy is going on, it's the best way to communicate directly with EN staff.

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