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(Archived) Greatly Improved


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Thank you Mr. Libin & nameless Evernote Android Developer in Germany. (or 2 in Denmark?)

The problem with these forums is; "all too often" people just voice problems, complaints, and whining. Whatever

  • [*:24kaw1xq]This client is very fast now.
    [*:24kaw1xq]Maybe the edit of plain text lists, isn't perfect. I don't care. I usually use Email to add a note, besides just browse my notes - to read it in the Mobile Client.
    [*:24kaw1xq]Wifi connected works fantastic for me, and very little power consumption.
    [*:24kaw1xq]I can see the responsiveness of the App, is much more "the network / Internet connectivity" is working, as best it can - considering, you are on the other side of the country from me, and ATT or Qwest routing packets - who knows where!
    [*:24kaw1xq]Images could be maybe? a bit better. However, it works "far faster" than my Blackberry client - ever DID.
    [*:24kaw1xq]Thrilled to see the notebook stacks listed, too.

Understanding "the better way," to apply - most things. I prefer to send new notes, into Evernote. Unless, on a Windows box, why bother with clipping, and clipping often needs attention to detail, too.

Thus, email in, email out, Tweet this, Share that in your Friends notebook, ...

Rob - just my two cents worth.

HTD Desire (Eclair v2.1)

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