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(Archived) Wishlist Alphabet respone

Canada Mike


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Something like that. I always begin the first letter of a note with something, so recipes begin with, say, beef or salmon, and so on. Find it's easier when I'm browsing a notes folder. Notes about a course will begin with the course number, etc.

I'd use the intitle search then.


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Browsing a notes folder, for large numbers of notes is inefficient. . .

Not always.

Browsing is useful when you don't know exactly what you are looking for, or what something was named, or what tags were used. It's also useful when looking for ideas.

Pressing a character to go to the first item that begins with that character can also be useful.

In fact, it is employed on the iPhone in the Contacts list. I find this faster than typing something in the Contacts search block.

It is also used in Outlook 2007 when viewing the Contacts folder.

Moving to the item rather than filtering can be useful.

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Interestingly, I just got an iPad, and Evernote on iPad has exactly the sort of alphabet assistant I'd love to see on my desktop. If it's there, why can't it be here??


Probably not a question of why it can't be there. More likely it's either a design choice or else not rolled out, yet.

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I was thinking that you could use the 'intitle:' search operator to accomplish something similar, just type "intitle:" into the search bar, and you'd get a list of notes that starts with , but of course Intitle: finds that character in the title, not in the prefix, like other search operators. So maybe a new operator: 'title:', which does a prefix search...

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Browsing a notes folder, for large numbers of notes is inefficient. Why not using tagging to narrow your searches? If food, cooking and ingredients are important to your use of Evernote, why not have 'Recipe', 'Beef', 'Salmon', etc. tags to help you find the recipes that you want?


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