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(Archived) Small annoyance with 2.0.4 Beta 1 (124735)



I have installed the latest Beta 1 build and this morning I noticed a different behaviour that is slightly annoying.

I have been scanning a few documents with my Canon P-150 and noticed that whenever the new document window pops up after the scan, the PDF or JPG just scanned does not display, the preview window remains white. But if you scroll down and then back up again, then the preview appears.

As I say, nothing terrible, but surely this is not a new feature! :D

Ciao, Luca

Milan, Italy

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Just a quick update now that I am running 2.0.4 RC1 build 127027.

I would say that scanning from my Canon P-150 to 2.0.4 RC1 now works properly, and the preview of the PDF just after the new note opens up into Evernote seems to appear every time.

What I noticed, though, is that every once in a while instead of seeing the image of the page that I have just scanned into Evernote, I see an icon of the PDF file with the "Quicklook" button. But if I close the new note and open it again immediately, the PDF will be shown without any problem in the window.

This seems to happen erratically, I have not found a way to trigger it consistently, even using the same note that sometimes ends up in the PDF file icon, other times it shows up as the usual PDF file preview. Go figure.

Ciao, Luca

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I'm happy to see that the latest version of Evernote for Mac offers users the option of viewing PDF fines as attachments, rather than inline. BUT ...

I, for one, still very much want all my PDF files to be displayed inline, and at the moment it seems that "view as attachment" is the new default ... so I have to change each one manually as I import it. This far from ideal for me, and is actually getting a little annoying. :D

Maybe the best solution here is to add a setting to Preferences, allowing users to specify whether they want PDFs to be displayed inline or as attachments by default?

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Whooops! Just found this in the Preferences -> Clipping panel:


The other options is, guess what... As Attachments :wink:

I still rest my case, why does the same scan gets treated as an attachment sometimes, and other times is inline?

Ciao, Luca

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Yeah, I have that set to "inline," but most of the PDFs I bring into Evernote are imported rather than clipped (that is, EN doesn't create them). And they seem to default as attachments ... though that behavior isn't 100% consistent, which is a bit annoying in itself.

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