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(Archived) Feature Requests

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I sent this as an email, but was told this might be a useful place to put this.

Put best guess of text into note after OCR


It would be nice if the only thing being uploaded (or maybe some other criteria too), the OCR process (which is awesome) would, in addition to the guesses it already has, dump the best guess of all the text into the note as text.

Link to other notes


http://getsatisfaction.com/EvernoteBETA ... te_linking ... basically

Convert to Unformatted Text


I know there is a simplified formatting option, but it often doesn't work like I expect, esp with funky html pastes from web pages. I'd love a way to just extra the text, newlines, and whitespace from the note and just have that in the note, no formatting at all.

Due date for note


I'd love a due date attribute. IT wouldn't have to do anything like alarm, but just being there an sortable would be awesome! Arbitrary attributes would be great, but prob complex to implement.



May not be the right word, but I guess I mean other note types besides just text. Two examples are:

Real spreadsheets - very basic. Even simple math would be a plus.

Whiteboard - very basic, think paint.exe

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Due dates (or 'Subject dates') are definitely on the way, note linking too, as near as I can tell. Plenty of discussion on the forums if you care to search.

Also better if you post in the forum that's appropriate to the one you're using; you'll typically get better answers.


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Thanks for the quick reply. I know some of these have been asked before.

I figured these were more general ideas, not specific to a platform (dumping the best guess OCR text into the note and the convert to completely unformatted text for example).

Thanks again:)

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