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(Archived) Contact send namecard via Evernote Create New Note ??


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In contacts when I try to Send name car via (either by tap-and-hold on a contact in the list or via the menu when viewing a specific contact) and then select Evernote Create New Note the new Evernote form appears but there is no info in the note from the contact nor is there a namecard attached to the new note.

What is this supposed to do? Is it broken?



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Android apps that have a Sharing menu will list Evernote as a recipient. This means that you can easily send stuff from many of your favorite applications directly into a new Evernote note. For example, you can send images from a photo app, save URLs of cool websites you browse, capture tweets in Seesmic, and lots more.

This is turned on for all Android applications with a "Sharing" menu, and is not specific to Contacts.

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