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(Archived) PDF/Image processing and searching

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Hi All,

I am new to Evernote and am a premium subscriber, I have been importing all my lecture notes over the last few days and run in to several issues.

I may be confused with the advertising but I thought:

-You can use evernote to search for text within PDF's

-You can use Evernote to search for text in had written notes (within reason, dependant on legibility)

So I am trying to scan and import lecture notes, Yes I have an electronic PDF but I have made hand written notes on some pages and would like to be able to search them.

I have my scanner set to 600 DPI (As high as available)

I have tried to import the sanned images as PDF - most of the original text is searchable but none of the hand written.

Also tried to import as JPG and PNG hoping that they would help with the hand writing recognition, These either dont work at all or are taking 4 Hours+ to be OCR'd

I have taken some crude pictures with my phone at some hand written notes and these work surprisingly well. But the more important PDF's, PNG and JPG's are not working as expected.

I was hoping if anybody can give me any advice on how i could resolve this issue?


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Currently, handwriting recognition within PDF files isn't very good. The PDF OCR software we've licensed is tuned for good-quality scans of printed text. This is something we hope to improve in the next few months.

If you scan to a JPEG and then sync, you should be able to search for that note in under an hour. (You'll need to sync again to get the results back down to your computer.)

Extremely high resolutions (like 600dpi) don't really help recognition quality at all. I'd recommend trying something smaller like 300dpi "black and white only" to save space.

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I scan items to a PDF form, email them directly to my account from the scanner at 400 dpi but none of them are recognizing the text. Each file seems to be within the limits set for files to be processed. Any idea what the issue could be?

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I have an issue with this as well.

I just got a Livescribe smartpen, as the recent advertising of Evernote + Livescribe connection pushed me over the top. :)

However, when I sent a PDF to Evernote from Livescribe, I find I am unable to search on the text. It is not processing the PDF for text. I saw in the support documentation that a file would not be processed if it contained handwritten information.

Why would this be? This greatly reduces the benefit I was hoping to realize by using Livescribe with Evernote. :(

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