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(Archived) is there a sync issues w/ 2.0.2 (120788)?



I have Evernote on three machines and two mobile devices and all sync fine except one machine and I CANNOT figure out what's up. I have reinstalled the desktop client, reset my pwd, and burned incense and chanted incantations, and still, I get this msg - which is clearly NOT the case since I can swivel 90 degrees left and sync perfectly fine on my other machine.

I'm using ver 2.0.2 (120788), which is NOT what is on the other machines (where I have 2.0 (116546) - But frankly I'm reluctant to upgrade the others since they work fine and anyway, when I check for updates on them, I'm told I "up-to-date!"

How can I roll back to 2.0 - or fix the sync issues?


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