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(Archived) Clipboard capture failed ... did not copy any data


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Hi All,

Whenever I use the keyboard shortcut for copying text to Evernote - in Chrome or a text editor - I always get the same message:

Clipboard capture failed ... did not copy any data to clipboard or there is no selection

What is going on?

Any assistance would be most appreciated!



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If you're using the global "Clip to Evernote" hotkey that defaults to Win+A, then you need to select text within the originating application/browser first. I.e. select text, press that key, and a note will be created.

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This problem started happening to me after the most recent updae a few days ago. Also note that the selected text shows up in my Microsoft Word list of keyboard selected text. The problem is somethin prevent the selection from getting routed to Evernote. This keyboard shortkut is vital to my workflow methods. If I do the shortcut twice I get different error notifications.

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