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(Archived) Making the leap from Finder to Evernote



I've long known I underutilize Evernote. I've been using it for the random snippet of stuff I don't know what to do with, and only recently have I even bothered to tag anything or try out multiple notebooks.

I'm now pondering going into this whole hog, as I'm struggling keeping all my random stuff organized. The challenge is that Apple *does* provide some nice things, for example, bookmark synchronization via MobileMe (and, let's face it, bookmarks are pretty convenient to have in the actual web browser if you actually keep them organized). Frankly, it's also really intuitive that I should keep my office documents organized in Finder folders, and keep my mail organized in mail folders (which are also server-based and thus available everywhere).

Of these things, documents in Finder folders are the one thing I'm really having trouble with. Should I keep all this stuff in Evernote instead? How does one get past the mental hurdles of doing this? The thought of having to search for my documents every time I want to use them rather than just go to the folder I think they should be in just kind of freaks me out. I think the benefits of having them in the cloud are huge, as they'll sync automatically between machines, they are accessible on my iPhone and the web from someone else's computer if need be, and they're backed up. The paradigm shift is a big one, though--and what if I need to switch back?

Would love to hear feedback from others who have moved from documents in your Documents folder to documents in Evernote. How did the switch go? Thanks.


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Evernote can definitely be handy for storing a few documents that you may need to access. It's not really a replacement for the entire file system on your hard drive ... I have ~20GB of MP3 files that I've ripped from my CDs, and there's no reason to stuff those into Evernote. But it can definitely be handy for things like PDFs that you've created and need to access from mobile devices later.

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