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(Archived) Offline Notebooks and a Data Connection


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I'm wondering if I'm missing something. On my Android device (HTC phone) I have off-line notebooks. I know that you need to have a data connection to perform a search on the Android version of EN, but do you need a data connection to be able to browse the notes in the offline notebooks? It seems that I do need a data connection to browse the offline notebooks. Do I have a setting configured incorrectly or something? If you need a data connection to evenbrowse the offline notebooks, what point is there in having an offline notebook at all?

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What appears to have happened is it took literally days (!) to synch my device with 8000+ notes, over which 50% would include an image.

Now that it is fully synched I can browse the offline notebooks with no problem.

Ahhh...yes... I didn't think about that being the problem you were encountering. I think it took a week to get all my notes sync'd to my iPhone. Of course, it wasn't dedicated to EN the entire week. But I'd plug it in & leave it for a few hours here & there until everything was downloaded. One thing I've found helpful is to go to the screen where you select the offline notebooks. You'll see the size that's been downloaded as well as the size of the notebook OR it will say "Done". That's the gauge I use to determine if everything's been downloaded.

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