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(Archived) How do I disable spotlight integration?



I store my Evernote data files in a separate encrypted volume. I hate that searching for something in Spotlight brings up the note titles ... even if Evernote is not open, and that encrypted volume is unmounted. How do I disable the spotlight integration?

- A premium customer.

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I don't think there's currently a way to do this.

To make spotlight index your notes, we create parallel content within your "home" directory, under:

Library / Caches / Metadata / com.evernote.Evernote

If that folder was moved somewhere secure, that may help.

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If you go to Spotlight under System Preferences, there's a Privacy tab, and you can list any folders that you don't want to be included in spotlight searches.

I just tried adding the folder that Engberg mentioned, and it seems to stop Evernote notes from appearing in spotlight searches.

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This worked great for me as well. I think there should be an option to disable this from preferences...spotlight search was getting useless because for everything that I searched for there were usually a couple of Evernote notes appearing (consequence of having tons of pdfs and documents there.

Maybe there could be an option to only look in titles? or exclude attachments? (maybe there is, couldn't find it)

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