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Have you tried doing a cold boot of your iPad?

If that doesn't help, delete the app on your iPad, then reinstall. Should do the trick.

This is what I do when an app on any of my iOS devices decides to give me trouble.


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Please do the following first try rebooting the iPad, this generally fixes the problem 5% of the time.

If that fails, please follow the following steps:

1. If you have any "Pending" notes, click the "Pending" tab (iPhone) or go to the "Pending Synchronization" section (iPad). Copy the content of each note to your iPhone Mail program and email them to your Evernote email address. Use the built in iPhone "Screenshot" function to preserve Image Notes to your Camera Roll.

2. Uninstall Evernote from your device.

3. Reboot your device.

4. On a desktop PC/Mac, download the latest version of Evernote via iTunes.

5. Connect your device to your PC/Mac and sync, installing Evernote via iTunes.

Do not restore from a backup as this may simply restore the initial problem to your device, and do not install OTA from the Appstore, as this will leave behind cache files we are attempting to remove.

This tends to solve the problem 90% of the time.

If you are still unable to sync after the above steps then please feel free to submit a support request at http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/

Hope this helps.

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