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(Archived) Feature request : notification of r shared edited notes

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I have passed this suggestion onto our product development team for discussion. If you ever have another suggestion feel free to submit it using our product support system. Thanks!

Be sure to give them the full picture. If you set up a system to notify the user that a change has been made, the next step the users are going to want is a notification of what specifically was modified and eventually multiple colors to assign to each person's changes.

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Any type of notification would be most welcome. I would probably prefer something more generic so that it is supported when I'm at work on a PC, outside on my iPhone or at home on my Mac.

The easiest way I suppose would be through an email notification (could get tricky then and push that through boxcar for iphone notififcations).

The other solution I really like is the way that Dropbox has a RSS feed.

Thank you for listening!

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