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(Archived) Paralell installation of EN 2.2 and 3 Beta

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Hello everybody

I hope this hasn't been asked before, but at least I could not find anything doing a search through the forum. So far I've tried the beta only running a virtual machine, sticking to my EN 2.2 for my 'real' notes.

Since the new Windows client is becoming more and more interesting (IMHO of course), I'm now considering to install the Beta to my 'real' Windows XP, keeping the old version installed at the same time.

What I'm wondering about: Is a paralell installation of the beta and version 2.2 possible at all, and if yes, has anyone already done so? Were there any problems/conflicts?

Thanks for your answers


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Yes it has been asked. Yes it can be done. The only problem that some of us have noticed (but only a minority, so there's no fix coming I think) is that the EN3b clipper in FF can hijack the EN2.2 clipper. I get around that by just not using the 3b clipper in FF.

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I was running parallel install of EN2.2 and EN3 when I first entered the beta. This lasted about 2 months or so ...

I didn't see a conflict, I had no issues with clipper, everything went very smoothly, except ... I had to re-type everything until I remembered to "copy & paste", or better yet, export and import :)

Then ... then I uninstalled EN2.2 and have been using EN3 as my primary note manager :D

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Same as crane here, I did not install the Clipper for EN3

They work fine in parallel... Notice (if you use IE6, you might get TWO "Add to Evernote" in the right-click menu..)

Little trick: Look at the N of EverNote....

EverNote will send to EN 2.2.1

Evernote will send to EN Beta 3 (IF OPENED.... if not opened, it will ask for your passw, open but NOT add the note...next time you ask to add a note, it will do it......happened to me, not sure if it will happen to others)


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Thanks to everyone for your quick and precise replies! I'm looking forward to switch to the current 3.0 client, which is downloading right now!

Regards - Michael

PS: Also thanks for bearing with me in spite of this question having been asked before. Seems I have to improve my search strategies... ;-)

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