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(Archived) Clipping web page as PDF



To start, I am a technophobe and only have a broad knowledge of the subject, so please excuse my ignorance.

I downloaded Evernote a few years ago and have been using it randomly ever since. When I first used it I was able to clip a web page (the whole thing not just the view on screen) and save it as a PDF in Evernote. I have a number of old notes like this so I am sure I did it. In using the clipping tool this week I have been unable to recreate this? I un-installed and then re-installed the latest version of Evernote to make sure I was totally up to date but am still unable to clip a web page as a PDF, the closest I can get is clipping a full screen to Evernote, which is useless as I cut off half the page I wanted.

My apologies for what is probably a simple question, but I am at a loss as to where this facility has gone?

Many thanks


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If you install the version of Evernote from our web site (http://www.evernote.com/about/download/), then you can save a page as PDF directly into Evernote:

http://blog.evernote.com/2008/05/11/eve ... ot-better/

If you installed the version from the Mac App Store, then you don't have this capability. You may want to uninstall and replace it with the version from our site. (Apple restricts some of the "tricks" we use to give good clipping behavior in the App Store version.)

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Thanks for getting back to me,

I have reinstalled Evernote from your site and unfortunately I still cannot clip web pages and save them as a PDF. In the tool bar drop down from the elephant symbol (top right) it simply offers me to 'paste to evernote', 'clip rectangle or window to evernote' or 'clip full screen to evernote' .I cannot see where I can clip the whole page (not just that viewed on screen) and save as a PDF. Sorry if I am missing something here, but I have checked my preferences and the box to allow Safari plug in is ticked, I'm just not sure where the PDF option has gone?

Maybe I should stick to cutting pages out of SUnday supplements.


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Apologies, have just re read the email and can see how I do this now. I was sure it used to be as simple as hitting a few short cut keys or using the clipping tool in the drop down menu, but no matter, all is well and I can make PDFs.

Thanks for your help

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If you are using a MAC you can directly save a web page as a PDF and directly import it into your Evernote client.

You can “print” right into Evernote from any Mac application, just go to the File>Print menu, push the PDF button, and select “Save PDF to Evernote.” A fully-formatted copy of your web page or document will automatically be added to Evernote.

Hope this helps

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