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(Archived) Forced line-spacing is still present in bullet lists


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Hmm. It seems to be possible because the picture that I have attached in my first post is taken from the Evernote-editor.

I have done this with a trick: I have created the fist bullet list in MS Word and then copied it to Evernote.

From this time the Evernote-editor is able to handle this formatting but it is not able to create it.

So it seems to be an issue of the editor and not of html. But I can only guess it.

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The Windows-Editor still adds an empty line before each bullet list.

We're not adding an empty line, that's just the way that non-styled bulleted lists look in HTML.

When you copy a list from Word, we copy across all of its style attributes, so that it follows Word's formatting as closely as possible. When you create a new list in Evernote, however, we don't provide any mechanism for manually setting its margin-related properties.

We're always looking to improve the editor, though, so we appreciate the feedback.


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This problem has many forum posts and bugs me to no end, since 80% of my Evernotes are composed exclusively of bullet lists.  Regardless of the cause, there should be a fix.  If the problem is that this is just the way non-styled html lists look, can we please style them by default?  Other solutions?


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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