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First question - is there a way to make a copy of a note and organize that note in different notebooks? And, second question, if someone shares a notebook with me, and I'm a Premium member, can I make a copy of one of their notes or notebooks and/or save it as part of my database? thank you in advance for the help!

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Rather than duplicating data, this would be a good use of the "tag" feature.

And currently, you will need to "copy/paste" into a New Note anything that is in a shared notebook, should you wish to add it to your own account.

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i would also like to know how to copy 5 complete notes from one notebook to another. evernote support uses this information to check on bug reports so they are not duplicates, they are examples of the issue i am experiencing. cutting and pasting the contents would destroy the history of the note and not show the issue, and i can't move them because they are needed. I am using Windows Evernote.

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