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(Archived) Synching to two computers or just to new computer




I have been synching to a Mac Mini running Snow Leopard at work. I just got a Mini as my home computer. When I transferred all my information from my office computer (old) to the new one, all my Evernotes transferred. However, I then wrote a TEST memo and did a synch. It is only showing up on the old computer, not on the new one.

Would someone please tell me how to either have both computers updated, if that is possible, or only the new one?

Thank you very much.


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Sign on to your account on the web and check if that note is visible on the web. If it is, then your old computer is ok and your new one is having a problem. If not, then it's the other way around.

From the client with the problem, you can check for more information under: Help > Activity Log...

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