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(Archived) Feature Request - Better conflict notification

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Not completely sure how to do this better, but I've noticed a couple of times where I had a note that had a conflict in it that I didn't see if for a while. This is only when you have a note that conflicts inside the note, not when you get a new conflict notebook with another copy of the note in it.

When a note has a conflict and there is essentially 2 copies of the note in the note it needs to be plainer. A couple of ideas.

Put a conflict note at the top of the note something like "----This note contained a conflict and there are now two versions below----"

Make the note icon different until the user edits the note. Maybe even tell them via dialog the first time they open the conflicted note.

Make the break between notes more noticeable. For instance instead of the line that says the date and there was a conflict, make it more obvious like:


Jan 18, 2010 there was a conflict


I don't like formatted text, though that could be used. Just something to make it more likely to see them.

Of course it would be cool is Evernote was smart enough to just do an inline diff, but I understand that is a non-trivial problem.

I love Evernote. It is my brain.


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