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(Archived) First real visit to online db on my iMac

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Went to the website to try it out. It's a long ways from functional right now. I did manage to find and edit a note, but it took about 20 sec to find it with only 72 notes, most of them text.

After I did the search, I tried to remove the text from the search box a la Mac, but it wouldn't work. I finally noticed the note that said I had to click "cancel" in order to remove the search string. This is way wrong. On the Mac, you click on the x in the search box to clear a search, not a cancel button on the other side of the screen. This needs to be fixed pronto!

Right now, the web/Mac version is to slow to be of any real use. I can't image how it would be if I had my full 100 Mb of notes. Glacial!

I think I'm going to focus more on the downhome version for now. Might take an occasional trip here to check it out, especially when it's updated. Right now, it's pretty frustrating for a low frustration tolerance person like myself.


Strange! I went back before I posted this to try doing pretty much the same thing again. This time it was plenty fast, and clicking on the "x" cleared the Search string. What is that about? Have others seen this kind of variation in response time online?

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Thanks for the feedback. Searching on the web is known to be slow at times ... this is an area that we plan to improve.


Thanks for your prompt reply, Dave.

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