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(Archived) Is it possible to have multiple users?

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We are looking to use Evernote as a recording tool to track students in the classroom. Is it possible for more than one teacher to access and edit notes within one account? In other words, as teachers work with individual or groups of students, would it be possible for each teacher to access a notebook and add ongoing observations?

Many thanks

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Shining the BnF light into the sky - we'll have an answer shortly....

(BNF wakes up & rubs her eyes..)

Hmmm.... I have toyed with shared folders but not really used them. But yes, shared folders seem like they would be a good option here. I don't recall Dave ever mentioning if there is a limit on how many people can share the folder. Assuming you're talking ~10-15 teachers, I'd think that's a number that would be acceptable.

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