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(Archived) Feature request: Support for templates

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They don't have to be complex templates. I am referring to the ability to have text laid out such as the following so we don't have to reinvent the wheel each meeting plus it makes sure everyone captures what is needed:

Meeting Minutes





Action Items:


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This type of thing has been mentioned before and Dave has done his "thanks" thing - I don't think it's high on the development list and so if this type of functionality is key to your users, I'd suggest you find another app.

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Recently discovered in another thread that if you drop a tag on a notebook all notes with that tag are duplicated in the notebook.

So if you create a template, tag it, drop the tag on a notebook when you need it, enter your information in the new note, update the tags, and there you have it. Quicker than import and it changes the create date.

Not the worst hack in the world.

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