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(Archived) Image Refused to OCR Since Yesterday?

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... 6 images that haven't been OCRed, with the first one in Evernote since the 22nd, and the latest ones yesterday. Is the OCR queue backed up again (Even for Premium members?) or are my images over the criteria?

Here are the file sizes below:

  • [*:yi8qz8lx]1/22/2011 - 35kb
    [*:yi8qz8lx]1/22/2011 - 15.7MB
    [*:yi8qz8lx]1/23/2011 - 6.6MB
    [*:yi8qz8lx]1/25/2011 - 19.8MB
    [*:yi8qz8lx]1/25/2011 - 11.6MB
    [*:yi8qz8lx]1/25/2011 - 21.2MB

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We only attempt to process an Image-based PDF if all of the following conditions are met:

1. The raw PDF is 25 megabytes or less.

2. The scan contains no more than 100 pages.

3. The raw PDF doesn't already contain "searchable" text that you can select and copy.

4. The PDF isn't encrypted or protected with a passphrase.

5. The PDF is not of a handwritten document.

Hope this helps

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It's quite interesting - An image (15.7MB) refused to OCR since yesterday... Has something gone amiss in the OCR engine? (I'm a Premium Evernote user.)

Is this an image (e.g. jpeg, etc?) or an image-based PDF?


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HI: I'm a new premium user, and I'm having the same problem. It's quite odd: I scanned maybe 15 documents last night, all under 100 pages, all under 25MB, straight from the scanner to pdf and then into Evernote. Two of them just aren't getting OCR'd: all the others index fine. I can't see anything about these two files any different from the others. Is it just that the queue is backed up?

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