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Offline Tags Instead of Offline Notebooks

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I would like the option to sync notes that have a particular tag instead of (or as well as) an entire notebook. I only have several notes in several different notebooks that I need to sync for offline use. In order for me to do this now I'd have to...

a) sync all my notebooks and burn through my 1GB a month pretty fast, or

:) move the notes I want offline into their own notebook

Option "b" is the obvious choice however that completely breaks my organizational scheme. It would be great to have the flexibility to choose on a note by note basis which notes would be downloaded for offline use by specifying an "offline" tag. Thanks.

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This is a very good suggestion.

Currently you have to decide if you use notebooks to group _content_ or if you use notebooks to regulate the _devices_ on which you have offline-access to the notes. If you are using a smartphone then you are forced to use notebooks to regulate the _devices_ on which to have offline-access, because you can regulate this only with notebooks. So you can't use notebooks for organizing your data any more!

When this could be done by tagging then all needed combinations would be possible.

This also comes in conflict with sharing. Sharing is also only possible with notebooks. So when you share notes with a group of users each other and you use a smartphone then you will inevitable come in some conflicts between sharing / offline-access / grouping information.

I'm coming from Google Docs to Evernote and before I switched to Evernote I was aware of this limitation but currently I do not use sharing so I can live with it. Google Docs regulates everything with tags. Even sharing. This is the most flexible structure and in my opinion absolutely necessary if you seriously want to use Evernote with a group of users.

Sharing by tags has another big advantage: Every user can keep his own structure, even with documents that they have access to from other users.

Evernote has decided to use tags instead of a folder structure. The above arguments show why using tags is much more flexible than a folder structure. But until now you can't really use the flexibility of tags.

From the beginning of switching to Evernote I have wondered why evernote has nearly reproduced the structure of Google Docs (tagging and tag-trees, but no folders) but the most interesting feature of tagging (the flexibility) is somehow limited by notebooks.

I have thought about using EN in our company (300 users) because we have searched for a product that can replace our currently used intranet-solution. But exact this issue has prevented me to suggest EN for this demand.

Thanks for thinking about this.


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