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(Archived) Suggestions For Evernote Improvement



I just started using Evernote for Mac and love it so far! I used to keep track of a lot of things in a variety to To Do lists or more recently in Bento software. Evernote consolidates it together much more efficiently for me. A couple of things in the way of improvement suggestions: 1) When printing a note, I wish there was a way to adjust the margins. There seems to be a large 1"+ margin and is causing some of my lists to carry over to a page 2, which I could eliminate if the margins could be adjusted.

2) I currently sync to my Blackberry and iPod Touch (hopefully will be using only the iPhone 4 on Verizon in the coming weeks). I notice there is not a way to sort the notes on these devices. It appears in order I last updated prior to syncing. I would like to request the ability to sort in alphabetical order.

These two improvements would hugely enhance my user experience. Can you advise if these improvements are in the works? Nevertheless, I love Evernotes! Keep up the good work!



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Thanks for the feedback. Printing options in the Mac client are definitely not adequate. We've added more printing controls in the latest Windows client, and Mac printing improvements are on our list to improve.

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