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(Archived) Forum password recovery problem...

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(Don't know whether this is the correct area in which to post this, but...) Here I am, back in the forum, after much struggle, and thanks to the presence of an old computer with saved password!

I tried to logon to the Evernote forum, and didn't remember my password. So, after a few attempts with other passwords I've used throughout the years, I attempted to go through the transaction for restoring my password. My email address was not recognized. I tried other email addresses. (I have several, as I suspect most folks do.) No luck.

So, as a last resort, I tried to register anew with my correct username and the correct email address, only to find that the username is "taken". (To be expected: I see my posts in the forum.)

Now that I've recovered my password (thanks to the old computer), I see that the email address was correct. When I'd attempted to use that address to reset my password, the transaction had not recognized the email address associated with my username. :)

I hope someone will check into this problem. Meanwhile, I have changed my password, and written it down!

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