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(Archived) Almost ready to ditch Evernote!


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Note to the developers: I'm giving Springpad a try!

There's just too much not working with Evernote as of today. This has also been the main reason why I haven't gotten the paid version, but now it's making me try a different service all together. I'm a visual person and the most used way to remember stuff for me is to take pictures of "it" (whatever "it" is...). In this capacity, Evernote for Android is totally useless....I mean TOTALLY! The problem with pictures not fitting to the screen on my mobile device is too severe. Sorry, try again......

On another note, has Evernote become too complex or are they trying to implement too many things into Evernote? I've started using ColorNote to type my shopping lists and other text based information, simply because it's a hassle to use Evernote....take heed!

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Could you be more specific? What are your issues?

I have no problem with Either the Windows client or the Android App on my Nexus One (Cyanogen 6)

I LOVE Evernote.... and it just gets better!

It has been a number of issues, making Evernote never feeling quite "finished". Since starting to use Evernote (since beta) the "Fit To Screen" on my Android device has NEVER worked.

I just installed Springpad.......

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Thanks for the feedback on this particular issue. I would certainly want to look in to this further for you. This is not an issue that I am currently aware of but can you please go ahead and submit a support request so the support team can look in to this and provide a fix for you. When submitting a support request please attach an example .enex note where you are seeing this. To submit a support request please go to http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/

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