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(Archived) How would I add text to a PDF document?



Hello all,

I'm a noobie to EN and i have a question that pertains to my classes at the University. Since i have a Mac, i am wanting to see if EN can substitute for OneNote.I am currently taking a biology class in which the professor posts his lectures online in a PDF or PPT format. After i save and download the PDF version to my computer, i open the file in EN and everything is alright. Now what i would like to do is add notes on the PDF itself, not above it.

The problem that i run into is that i can only add notes above or below the PDF. I would like to add notes on the lines provided on the PDF. Is their a way to do this? Please refer to the screenshot below.


Any help is greatly appreciated,


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PDF isn't designed to be a dynamic file type. It is best considered as an 'electronic printed page'. They were never intended to be edited in the way that, say, a word processor file can be re-edited again and again.

Having said that, some PDF readers such as the free version PDF-Xchange have a typewriter tool and other tools to annotate PDFs. But this is something that would need to be done outside of Evernote I think. You can right-click the PDF in the note and then go to Save As, edit the PDF outside of EN and then add it back to Evernote.

be aware though that people who distribute docs by PDF usually do it for one or both of two reasons. They can do it because they know that anyone can open it (everyone can get a free PDF reader). But sometimes they do it to prevent the document from being modified. They can set restrictions when the PDF is created to prevent modifcation and editing by others.

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I'm PC but this may be the same as Mac. If I double click on the PDF in EN, it will open up into my PDF viewer. My viewer allows me to annotate & highlight the document. I can then highlight, annotate & rotate to my heart's content. Then I save it & the version in EN gets updated. BUT, if you're actually wanting to open the PDF & change it, you'll need a true PDF editor.

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It's doable with PDFpen.

Right click on the body of a PDF note and click open for your default viewer...in my case it's PDFpen. Once it's open, you can annotate, highlight, redact text, delete unwanted pages, combine two or more PDFs, etc. When I'm done, I save with the default name in the default location and the note is updated in Evernote.


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