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(Archived) Copy and Paste deletes SPACES



Hi all,

Copy and Pasting stuff from anywhere to EN is getting better and better with the time.

But its not perfect. (The reasons can be look up here in the forum)

here, i have another example on how EN modifies the inserted Text.

3 Screenshots.

The first Screenshot shows the original Text which i want to copy into an existing EN-Note.

The second Screenshot shows the pasted Text into that EN-Note. As you all see red marked, there are SPACES missing.

Those SPACES are not missing, if the same text is pasted into the MAC-OS-TextEdit.app. (third screenshot)

So i point my finger on EN. Not on the Data in the Clipboard.

The original Text comes from a Windows Virtual Machine (VMWARE, WIN-XP) but this, as you see in the correct pasting of the Text into TextEdit, should not be the problem.




(i'm not complaining about the wrongly set colours, which are not correct in some cases. this comes in a seperate post :-) )

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