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(Archived) Evernote could become the best dictation tool ever

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i'm a doctor , radiologist, and i work on multiple sites .

Having dictation shared among all sites is really complex.

Evernote could become the best dictation tool ever for doctors/physicians with a little effort:

- An audio recording GUI for the client ... especially the mac client ... hum hum

- An overall better way to record notes with Fast forward, fast backward, insert and replace etc...

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I don't think their focus is to be the best dictation tool ever. Additionally, there are some limitations b/c a very long dictated note may exceed the note size. And having very many may possibly exceed the monthly upload limit, depending upon audio length & recording format b/c, the current EN recording formats differ between clients.


However, if you have a recorder, you can add the audio files to Evernote. I do this regularly. Audio files from my Olympus recorder, Livescribe pen & even voice memos from my iPhone & voice mail from my iPhone.

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