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Lost content of note but have it on old computer

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I have a note that lost it’s content. I’ve created a ticket with EN a couple weeks ago and have yet to have any follow up other than the standard reply when initiated. I opened up a backup computer and realized that it has not been used since before the note’s content disappeared so it I believe the original note with content should be in my EN notes on this computer. The problem is that EN is requiring an update before allowing me to open the program “an update is required to continue, download and install now”.  If I do the update, I think my notes will sync up with the current files and I’ll lose the “lost” note. Any ideas on how I can work around this? 

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Log onto the web version of Evernote and see if its there. 

If it is then its sync'd OK and possibly local issue so a reinstall may help.

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Note history? After all these years of using Evernote I never knew about there being an ability to restore from previous versions of a note! A million thank yous—I got my 25 page note back. I wonder why no one at EN ever suggested this. Thank you Pink Elephant!!!! 

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Glad you got everything back.

Just as a hint: This feature requires the note still exists - can be in the trash, from where it needs to be revived before note history works again. If the note is gone, note history is gone with it. And duplicated notes or reimports through ENEX don't carry the history of the original note. It can be a lifesaver, within limits.

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