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labels adding is very slow and not usable when adding to many notes

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I 'clean' my notes by adding labels afterwards (school year)

adding labels to notes in a group or notebook afterwards is a nightmare: it is slow, only 100 notes at one time, updating is too slow …


this is unworkable!

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It is workable …

… take the client offline. Select the notes, apply the tags. Repeat if necessary.

When done, take the client online again. It will now sync the changes with the server.

Taking it offline prevents that the client syncs all changes right away. This sync is what causes the delay.

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Several options:

  1. Disable WiFi, pull the Ethernet cable
  2. Block access to evernote.com using the Mac's firewall
  3. Use an app like TripMode to block the app

The first 2 work without 3rd party software, TripMode is more comfortable, because you can specifically block one single app from the menu bar.

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I do not come here very often.

Your tip of disconnecting worked: plugging out the data-cable and wifi.
Still, adding labels to notes is cumbersome: only 100 notes at the time and although it is faster, it takes a lot of time.

So, these guys may not walk around with surfboards under their armpits anymore, still … every nation has its trades …
The quality is not what it could and should be

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