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(Archived) Character recognition and Syncing suggestions (OS X user)

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Hi, a few things have occurred to me while using the beta so I thought I'd share them.

When Evernote does the character recognition thing I'm often left wondering whether it did a decent job of it or not. I quite often find myself searching words from an image to check if it processed reasonably well or not, ie. to check that the image wasn't too small or blurry to work.

I can imagine other users doing this as well so I suggest an option to show all the words that Evernote thinks it's found in images. It could look like a normal search result but highlight every word it's picked up. To be really useful it could also show the text it thinks it's found to inform the user of whether or not it detected the spelling correctly.

Also, I believe the text recognition takes place on your servers. So we upload an image, it looks for words, and then the results are searchable once we sync to download the image again. Am I overlooking a simple way to find out which images in my collection are now searchable/synced? What I'm thinking would work well is something like a small icon on each file thumbnail indicating whether it's been synced yet or not. We'd then know whether an image has had the text recognition performed on it yet or not and also whether it is available from the web interface.

Thanks for reading,


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