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Shared Notebook Invitation leads to "Notebook Not Found" for invited user.



I have an Evernote Personal account. I am trying to share a notebook with my wife who just created her own Evernote account. The invitation button in her email leads her back into Evernote, only for a "Notebook Not Found" message to appear. I have uninvited and re-invited multiple times.

I read in an older post where someone said a new Evernote user would need to have their account running for "a few days" before being able to open shared notebooks. Okay, but this is not stated anywhere whatsoever, as far as I am seeing... What's up with this? I've wasted a full hour trying to fix this.

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The issue where a “Notebook Not Found” error occurs for an invited user to a shared notebook can be due to several reasons.

You can check sharing setting > correct email addresss > External sharing > resend Invitation > check spam folder > direct link  try sharing a direct link to the notebook.

I hope this info useful to you

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