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Disable / enable Sync & Local Install



Unfortunately I have had to unsubscribe from Evernote premium, which is very frustrating for me, because I genuinely wanted to keep using it. 

There are two features I would need to resubscribe to premium


1) Sync : there has to be the option to disable and enable it. Every large piece of software has this now, including OneDrive and Google drive, you can turn off/on sync as needed. I need Evernote to be the same. 
2) you have to add the right to install the app for the local user (not all users) so that admin permissions are not required for the install. KuTools have just added this option into the install wizard, many smaller software vendors do this as not everyone has admin permissions, furthermore , not everyone wants Evernote installed for every user account on the laptop/desktop. 


If you were to add these features, Evernote would be usable again for me and I would re-subscribe to premium. 

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1) Sync is always on, except if you are offline. That’s the way the app is designed, no way around it.

Want to skip local storage, use the web client, or deselect the local database option in settings. IMHO since it converts the desktop app into a browser app, you can go straight to the web client instead.

2) Just install the application from the XXX Store (XXX depends on your OS). It requires authentication once, and then it is allowed and simply updates.

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