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Simplify & Make Editable OR Simply Formatting Upgrade Error Remains

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Maybe an hour or so ago…I entered the following post. Before replying to a friendly user and marking the topic as solved…I accidentally deleted everything. 
I would like to publish the contents of my post as a record in this forum. What I first considered a “bug”…is not.

As PinkElephant nicely reminded me, my EN Notes are "HTML structures”, not the “plain-text” (.txt) or maybe more accurately “rich-format text” (.rtf) files they “appear” to be. 

Additionally, old age seems to be eating at my brain a little faster than usual.  We were discussing this same topic back in 2021 as well.


PinkElephant…thanks for the reminder today…and then.






Simplify & Make Editable OR Simply Formatting Upgrade Error Remains
Several years ago, one of the Evernote upgrades created the entity labeled HTML Content as shown below. This leftover thing is littered throughout over 400 Notes within 16 Notebooks. Not every Note was affected, so I'm forced to repair them at random as I encounter them. The image below illustrates two entities. The top entity contains an empty line.


  1. Select every entity inside a Note and attempt repairing them all at once using either of the Toolbar's More options shown below.
    1. Simply formatting
    2. Remove formatting
  2. Attempting to use either of the Keyboard Shortcuts below will delete the contents of the information box under the HTML Content header bar.
    1. ⇧ [SPACE]             --- Simplify formatting
    2. ⇧ ⌘ [SPACE]        --- Remove formatting
  1. Click on the HTML Content heading bar to receive a bubble prompt with the  🪄 and ⋯ icons. Hovering over the  🪄 icon will display a Simplify & Make Editable option.


  1. Click the Simplify & Make Editable option and the contents of information box below the HTML Content heading will be extracted. Lather, Rinse, and Repeat. 


  1. Hover over the ⋯ icon to see a More options heading. Proceed to Item #4 to continue.


  1. Click the ⋯ icon and you're presented with a Simplify formatting and Remove option.  They do exactly what you would imagine. You can refer to Item #2 above for further instructions.


Simply put, I want to get rid of all of these things without have to click my mouse to death. I can only guess there was and error updating my database during whatever upgrade.  So...
  1. Am I just missing something obvious and hopefully simple to batch repair the Notes as I find them? If so, that IS an acceptable fix for me. 
  2. Is there a script that can extract my database, correct the errors, and then write back a nice clean version? That option is also acceptable as long as the script doesn't work on my live database and I maintain a restorable backup.
  3. Is there some other option available that I'm just not aware of at this time? I'm just now approaching the Forums as I've grown tired of this issue. I offer my apologies to Evernote if I bypassed a better support option vs. this long a$$ post.
  4. Should everyone start shaking their heads in a left-right motion to every option above...I think my sentiments would be well known. 
  5. As a last ditch effort...is it possible for ME to do the following?
    1. EXPORT my entire database in a common format (SQL, etc.).
    2. EXTRACT / CLEAN out the offensive entities with the appropriate tools.
    3. DELETE the contents of my Notebooks and Notes.
    4. IMPORT the nice clean database sans offensive entities. 
That's about it. Any and all help is appreciate.
Oh...I'm sure this information would be valuable.
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Editor: v178.13.1
Service: v1.114.0
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