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PRINT solution for tasks



A lot of people absolutely adore Evernote and the team behind it provides us with a solid note taking app and much more ...

HOWEVER I can hardly believe that the same team is unable to provide a solution for the PRINTING problem with regard to TASKS. I have been working in the past with numerous task management applications and sure do, they all provide a printing option.

WHY doesn't Evernote solve this problem? I cannot be that hard for a qualified team to do so. PLEASE do something about that and you will make thousands of users very HAPPY.

Geert Hoorens

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FYI - sent as support incident: "071 - Print and|or export task lists (to XLSX, CSV, ... (Ticket #3928696)"

Feature Description

It's nice (and very useful for sure) to have task lists grouped and sorted easily by several options.
But it is impossible print such a list - simply to have some paper on you desk or elsewhere 😉
Because printing is only one type of export, it would be nice to get a task list exported to XLSX or CSV format. This would allow users to format such lists before printing them...

Expected behaviour

  • Behind "..." of a task list view, there should be a commands like "Export to PDF, CSV or XLSX".
  • In case of PDF, the list should be well formatted like we see the list the app
  • In case of CSV or XLSX, the list should contain columns for notebook, note, due date and assigned user.
    • Values for notebook, note and user should be supplied as internal URLs ("evernote::///view./...") to EN notebook, note views or "mailto:"-addresses


  • ScreenShots 😤
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