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Unable to change my password



I have received an email to reset my password. I clicked the link to do so, and entered the password twice. After the second time and submitting the change I was refused, with a message in red saying my new password is too similar to my old password. It is NOT TOO SIMILAR in any way shape or form, not verbally, numerically, not in ANY other way. 

I cannot contact technical support because I am not able to log in to do so. I cannot call technical support because no number is provided. This is an absolutely ridiculous and pathetic service. I am on the verge of cancelling my entire subscription, despite being a business subscriber for years. 

Does anyone know anything about this absurd, time-wasting, situation?


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You seem to be of little interest in safeguarding your account access.

So go ahead and cancel, it seems to hold unimportant stuff at all, not worth good safeguarding.

Seriously: EN compares passwords (or better hashes, but technically it works the same) to passwords found in breaches. The same do hackers who build „rainbow tables“ from breaches, to run against accounts to crack them open.

So be happy EN does this for you. Make sure your account is safe - or cancel, because your irrelevant stuff doesn’t need good account security anyhow.


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